Commodore Back In Germany


@Deft I assume that negative opinions about "Commodore" brand is because the current/near-past brand owners and their products. If it's about releasing a "real" 8 bit stuff (I mean, not a PC in a C64 case, or something like that) just everybody is happy that "at least something really Commodore-like, deserving this name". Personally I don't have problems with a Mega65 name either (or Commodore M65, Commodore Mega 65 would be too long ...), and I think Commodore M65 is quite good. Others claims that "M" is not so much a Commodore-like stuff in the name, and the machine should be named as "C65+". Well, I think, M65 is much powerful over C65 that it's a bit odd to have that "+" only in the name, and indeed it deserves something "unusual" in the name, like that "M". Since Mega65 is really "unusual", I mean in the good way :) So I would vote for "Commodore M65", or without the permission to use the "Commodore" as brand, "Mega 65" is nice enough too. Surely, these were only my personal/subjective thoughts on the topic.


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