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Commodore Back In Germany


Don't know why you mean that C64 is all of universe...
C64-III ?!?!
What has C128 with C64? Only mode and disadvantages - is called C64+ ? No, it's C128
What has C65 with C64 - again - mode only - yes codename was C64DX, but called was C65...
What has Mega 65 with C64? Mode, again mode only. What has M65 with C65? OS and Basic and many features and don't forget 64 mode only... No reason again C64...
It can be much like SuperCPU for C65... Or anything, but not C64.
Are you crazy?
Also C128 has number in name by RAM size, so why not C128 Plus ? :) C65 has 128K too... But if I mean it, it's example like looks C64-III...
Only one nice thing can be C= on keyboard.
I know this post makes me like C64 enemy... But think really - don't put everywhere 'famous' C64...


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