Commodore Back In Germany

append delete Solei

The company “individual Computers GmbH”, based in Germany and well-known in the Retro-Computing community, has licensed the rights of the Commodore trademarks from Polabe Holding N.V.

Seems like the c64 is back, Jens Schönfeld CEO of is planning to make new machines under the commodore brand.

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append delete #1. Deft

We are fully aware of this, but thanks for letting us know. Meanwhile it would be interesting to collect oppinions here whether you think the MEGA65 would benefit from being a Commodore MEGA65 or Commodore M65 (or even Commodore C65?) and what your personal feelings about the brand Commodore are.

append delete #2. adtbm

My personal opinion:
It is a price question. Surely i think the MEGA 65 could benefit from the name Commodore.
Commodore MEGA65 or Commodore M65, both sounds great to me. (I tend to Commodore M65)
But just for the sake of the name to increase the costs ? i don't know....

append delete #3. everslick

Commodore C65+ :-D

append delete #4. dropnine

Commodore C65 would be a good thing ;-P

append delete #5. Solei

It depends on how steep the licensing costs are, and in the end what the folks at Mega prefer.

Personally i would love to see a Commodore 65M (with the letter after the number like we had with the C64C) - complete with the official Commodore logo on the sticker and a real C= key on the keyboard.

append delete #6. GianPieroDeLolliis

Considering all the improvement made, a good name could be
Commodore 64DX Mark II
or better
Commodore 65 Mark II

append delete #7. Boris

I think this project will benefit greatly from the Commodore brand and suggest to call it Commodore C65.

append delete #8. Meshuggah333

While iComp is doing some great hardware the guy running the company is very controversial on the inter-web (on Amiga forums, mostly).
While that would be nice for the M65 to be Commodore branded, I'd be worried its association with iComp would deter at least a few people from buying it.
I'm maybe worried for nothing, I don't know...

append delete #9. zeha

Same here, if there would be a possibility to use the Commodore brand, it would be cool to call it simply Commodore C65, or something that is VERY close to that.

On the other hand, it's understandable that a distinction from the original C65 prototype would be handy. In this regard, I think something like C65+ would actually be not a bad idea. Or C65 Plus. It would be along the lines of the Amiga 500 Plus, and it would be cool to have a name that even Commodore might have used themselves.

In my opinion, it should always start with C65. Not something like M65, that doesn't sound like a Commodore.

append delete #10. SvOlli

Since this machine is surpassing the C65 by far, so imho C64 Mark II or anything alike is out of the question. The name MEGA65 is quite matching, and leaves also space for other similar projects.

Let me give you an example: on the 2600, the clock is divided by 3 by the TIA. Let's say, you build a version with a control register, that lets you drop that divider and clock the CPU three times as fast, include options to run games from cartridge and mass storage alike, you'll get a 2600 on steroids, maybe a MEGA2600, or MEGA26. So if something like this will happen as a successor, there would already be a brand to build upon.

If it can be made it a Commodore MEGA65, it would be fine, if the price is fair. On the other hand, as a compromise, just having a licensed C= key on the keyboard would also be cool, if the name Commodore is too expensive.

append delete #11. sammelpeter

As it is important to keep the main machine in mind, and to spread it as wide as we can (only nerds know about C65, but most know C64) i would prefer "Commodore C64III". Thats it :)

append delete #12. MIRKOSOFT

Don't know why you mean that C64 is all of universe...
C64-III ?!?!
What has C128 with C64? Only mode and disadvantages - is called C64+ ? No, it's C128
What has C65 with C64 - again - mode only - yes codename was C64DX, but called was C65...
What has Mega 65 with C64? Mode, again mode only. What has M65 with C65? OS and Basic and many features and don't forget 64 mode only... No reason again C64...
It can be much like SuperCPU for C65... Or anything, but not C64.
Are you crazy?
Also C128 has number in name by RAM size, so why not C128 Plus ? :) C65 has 128K too... But if I mean it, it's example like looks C64-III...
Only one nice thing can be C= on keyboard.
I know this post makes me like C64 enemy... But think really - don't put everywhere 'famous' C64...

append delete #13. Solei

If we think a bit and look at the screenshot in the link here, we avoid a lengthy discussion since we already have the proper name for the machine:

The *Commodore C65* development system

It would make sense to name the machine in the same way as it is in the rom - so the name plate should say something like 'commodore c65 personal computer' -IMHO.

append delete #14. MIRKOSOFT

My opinion - previous post - is don't put C64 where is not!
And really - is it important what a name will have computer? Important is that will work without problems... Also - by ROM used.
Power-on message of ROM 911001 is C65, but ROM 910429 has power-on message C64DX... So discussion about name is pretty useless.
I'm in discussion for one reason only - C64-III looks like no C64 fan, but like C64 fanatic.

append delete #15. gpz

and you think "fanatic" doesn't describe you well enough? :o)

append delete #16. SvOlli

I just dug through my ROM dumps:


So it looks like they changed it and then back again.

append delete #17. zeha

C64DX sounds too closely like C64, people who don't know about the C65 might just think of it as a C64 with some extra features. I think C65 is quite a cool name. Who knows whether they'd have really released it under that name, though. Maybe it would have become the C256 or CX or whatever.

But to most people now, who know about it, it's known as the C65, and I would choose something close to that. And the more I think of it, the better C65+ sounds to my ears (and looks to my eyes).

append delete #18. GianPieroDeLolliis

I agree on C65+
It sticks better with original C= naming convention

append delete #19. Deft

Thank you everybody for your input. It was a surprise to me that everyone still has only positive feelings about the brand Commodore although there has not been (if any) positive news nor products coming from the current brand holders. We will look into the possibility to release under the Commodore brand, however, if that gets bumpy or irritating we will definitely put our energy into more pressing topics. I also think that MEGA65 is a nice brand and has been accepted nicely by the the worldwide retro computing community. Also please keep in mind that MEGA eV is the driving force behind the whole project :)

append delete #20. LGB

@Deft I assume that negative opinions about "Commodore" brand is because the current/near-past brand owners and their products. If it's about releasing a "real" 8 bit stuff (I mean, not a PC in a C64 case, or something like that) just everybody is happy that "at least something really Commodore-like, deserving this name". Personally I don't have problems with a Mega65 name either (or Commodore M65, Commodore Mega 65 would be too long ...), and I think Commodore M65 is quite good. Others claims that "M" is not so much a Commodore-like stuff in the name, and the machine should be named as "C65+". Well, I think, M65 is much powerful over C65 that it's a bit odd to have that "+" only in the name, and indeed it deserves something "unusual" in the name, like that "M". Since Mega65 is really "unusual", I mean in the good way :) So I would vote for "Commodore M65", or without the permission to use the "Commodore" as brand, "Mega 65" is nice enough too. Surely, these were only my personal/subjective thoughts on the topic.

append delete #21. DAG

I like C65+ or M65.
Once thing I wonder though is how to use Commodore Basic ??

append delete #22. Deft

We already have an agreement about licensing the C65 roms :)

append delete #23. Bart Eeltink

I think this is a fantastic project and I will buy one once it's finished.
About the name:
I think Commodore C65+ or MEGA C65+ is a very good name.
Please also add in an option to add a dual SID internal expansion board, like a HardSID synth module.

append delete #24. Solei

@Bart Eeltink

If the plan hasn't changed, then the Mega 65 mainboard is already going to have sockets for two actual SIDs alongside the built-in Dual soft-SIDs + dual 8-bit DACs.


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