Cassette port?

append delete Solei

Regarding the cassette port (or lack thereof), wouldn't it be cheaper and simpler to connect a simple dual-layer daughter-board to the motherboard internally with a ribbon cable instead of manufacturing a cartridge?

That way a cassette user is able to use a cartridge too if needed.

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append delete #1. PGSmobile

We thought about it, but it basically boils down to the same thing, and the cartridge port is already there, so it doesn't increase the cost of the computer any, unlike an extra part that comes with every computer. If we thought that everyone would use the tape port, it might be different.

append delete #2. Chris3

Did the original C65 have the cassette port?

append delete #3. Solei

Apparently the prototypes do not have tape port - these machines is equipped with following interfaces:

Ports: CSG 4510

2 Joystick/Mouse ports
Round DIN CBM Serial port
Male edge-connector CBM 'USER' port
Round DIN CBM Monitor port
Power and reset switches
Round C65 bus drive port
Unimplemented RF video port
Round power DIN port
9-pin female RGBI video port
2 RCA audio ports
Belly ram expansion port
Female edge-connector C65 expansion port

append delete #4. gardners

Confirming that the C65 prototypes did not have a cassette port.

append delete #5. Chris3

Thanks for the info!

append delete #6. Daniël Mantione

I think Commodore made the right decision: Tapes were a thing of the past back then, even for the C64. They made sense in the early 80's, early 90's people didn't want to use tapes anymore. For modern C64 use, the only room I see for datasettes is to digitalize tapes for preservation purposes.

And because the Mega65 recreates the C65, not the C64, I don't think it should have a tape port either. That it is possible as an add-on is bonus. It may sound a bit blunt, but with these things anything adds to the cost and making the right trade-off what is supported and what not is key to success.

Modern use of the tape port usually involves datasette emulators. Emulation is not ruled out at all if no physical port is present.

append delete #7. SvOlli

The C65 is lacking support for tape on all levels:
- no connector, not even conducting paths on the board
- the io-port $00/$01 was moved from 6510-CPU to VIC-III and only support the lowest 3 bits (ROM banking), bits 3-5 (which were used for tape) are "dropped"
- the C64 kernel got all tape routines removed

And why would you still want tape? You've got a floppy drive built in.

append delete #8. Orion Blastar

Well, some of the old Commodore 64 stuff got released on tape and not on the floppy or cart formats. The tape was cheaper than floppies you could buy six tapes for $1 and one floppy for $1 and each tape had a front and back side so it was like having 12 floppy disks.

I got some old C64 stuff on tape if I can rummage through my basement and sort through boxes. All my floppy disks went with my C128 to a friend who borrowed it and then moved away and never returned it.

append delete #9. Freddy Champagne

There are appliances who can convert audio-files (taken from the tapes) into .tap files.

I guess it should be possible to retrieve the PRG files and put them on disk.
Maybe it need some patching to make them load from disk, but afaik there are not really much software with more than 1 files on tapes. They were usualy 1-File-Games.

append delete #10. PGSmobile

Worst case scenario is we will make a joystick port to tape adapter so that you can copy things from tape.

append delete #11. Hobbyist

Show some love for tape. Data on tape is fascinating.

append delete #12. gardners

Indeed, which is why we will support a tape interface cartridge that will be totally transparent to the computer, thus getting the benefit without adding to the cost of all of the units we produce for the many who will not want to play with tapes.



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