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Just a simple question : Like the recent C64C case project, will there be basic colors options like red, green, blue, black, transparent, etc... added to the standard C65 grey? The same goes for the keys.

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That would be indeed a nice idea, but only if it won't increase the overall cost for the regular model - in my opinion.

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Hi, regarding the case: because I read that main storage device is the SD card, what is the sense to make a floppy hole available on the case? To let it more similar with the original system? Don't it will be a better clean aspect if the final case looks like an A600? An external floppy drive could be conbected via cable if someone wants to.
Bye :)

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I believe, the devs already stated, that the plan is, to make the MEGA65 as original as possible
which means, they want to implement a floppy drive as well and they want to keep
the original C65 look.
The goal is, that somebody sees the machine and recognises it immediately as an c65,
not as an Amiga like looking something. (Nothing against an Amiga !)

If you, personally, will actually use the discdrive as a discdrive, or as a stand for your beerglass is your decision....Prost ! ;-)

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The two uses for the diskdrive cover are of course not mutually exclusive.


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