c65 Software Development


@commodorecracow Your post here is a bit confusing. First of all, yes, there is already a thread about this. But anyway: you wrote about a "Mega65 emulator" then you stated it may help to have more software for the C65.

It's not clear for me, that you mean about only the C65 feature-set then, or the tons of things on top of it too, what Mega65 can provide. For example, in Xemu, there are more emulators, a C65 and a M65 too (among others, for example Commodore LCD too, which is in fact much more rare than C65 - it's estimated only five machines exists - and I wrote the first emulator - which was ported into my Xemu as well - which is capable of emulating it - with the original ROM dump I have from Bill Herd Commodore ex-engineer).

Second, I have the feeling that the point of your post is "easy", meaning that Xemu is "too hard". Well, that's probably true, but for a software development (the name of this thread) a programmer should have enough knowledge to deal with this problem. You can't do it much easier, as a real mega65 hardware would also require to construct your SD-card, it's not so different than the emulator itself.

Paul makes wonderful work btw to make things more easy, ie SD-Card "partitioner and formatter" built-in, but still you do the ROM yourself. In case of an emulator is always harder. Think about this: kickstart of Mega65 is "built-in" in the bitstream what FPGA got. However that's not so nature for the emulator, and it's really not the same as for a C64 emulator to have the C64 ROMs, since Mega65 kickstart changes every week almost at this phase of development with other things too.

Conclusion: I think, if someone want to do something now, he/she need to accept that in this phase, there is no an absolute "easy way" to do (and anyway, a software developer/programmer should be smart enough to solve these problems) by the nature of the "problem" and the development phase of both of the hardware platform and Xemu too.

But anyway, please do not feel my comment as being offensive or anything. If you have more detailed points what you mean, I could provide better answer maybe. Just keep in mind, that it's a hobby in free time for me (I mean Xemu) and basically a single man project. Also, currently it's more important to work on the emulation itself rather than making it easier to use or more user friendly. What would you do with an emulator which is extra user friendly and easy to use but lack of almost everything in the sense of emulating the Mega65? :)

And, I think too, that the other thread would be better place to talk about the emulator. "C65 software development" is also a nice topic to have, but it should be about the actual programming of C65 (or M65?) and not too much about the emulator, at least not "directly". Well, this is - for sure - an "IMHO" kind of statement from me, which is true for my other opinions as well :)


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