C65 pricing insanity - board and service manual on eBay sold - is the lucky buyer here??

append delete Kuba Tyszko

So the C65 Rev2B board sold for $1600 and the manual sold for over $500 - I hope the buyers are members of the community and maybe there's something useful to the project in the manual..

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append delete #1. adtbm

Since M.E.G.A allready owns a C65, i don't think they go for another one.
(espacially, after they are building their own Mainboard atm)
And the manual probably doesn't contain any extra content to what is allready known
from the Fred Bowen manual here:

do you have a link to the auction ?

append delete #2. Kuba Tyszko

Links to both:

Well, the service manual includes original schematic, I believe the schematics available publicly were reverse engineered by Wayne upon the rev 2A.

append delete #3. adtbm

you're right ! The documentation looks interesting !

append delete #4. Wayne

It's actually kind of a sad story. Once upon a time there was an interesting individual who thought he could personally resurrect Commodore. He knew nothing about computers or business however, and instead lived upon a trust fund of cash, cotton candy and dreams. His name was Ryan Czerwinski. He founded Merlancia Industries with his mother and convinced many, many people to put up hundreds of thousands of dollars in a quest to revive the Amiga. That dream came crashing down hard of course because he had never done anything more complex than blend custom tobaccos (yep).

He lives in or near Phoenix Arizona but pretends to live in Las Vegas to avoid the IRS and other people who might be looking for him. He normally sells through a friend in the Phoenix area. He purchased the rubbish bin of C65 boards that Centsible acquired after Commodore was liquidated. He sells off two or three of them every year. I purchased two of his rev 2B boards. He seems to think they're worth tens of thousands of dollars each even though his eBay bids never quite reach those amounts. I paid a few hundred for each of mine because no one else bid. Maybe one day he'll wake up and realize he's just peddling rubbish.

I won't comment on his character. He may be a nice guy, his intentions may be honorable, but all I have to go on is several dozen emails full of extorted half truths that he's personally sent to me. If you'd like to know more feed the words "Merlancia Ryan Czerwinski Centsible Amiga Commodore" into Google and it'll start you on to a path to at least part of the story.

append delete #5. adtbm

Hi Wayne,

thanks for your reply !
It does sound like a sad story !

My main question or interest would be the documents that were listed in the auction.
Did you receive those too ? Because it looks like, there was some documentation
that is not available in the net.
Would it be possible to get a scanned copy ? I even would pay you for a digital copy of the documents !

append delete #6. Kuba Tyszko

Interestingly, the auctions above WERE in fact based off Phoenix, Arizona - that must be it!

append delete #7. Wayne

Sorry, but I didn't get any documentation with either of my boards. I was told that it would be included, and then I was told it would be sent later on. From my memory, the manual offered to me was the same 64DX Specification manual that's available online. He also had some correspondence but I have no idea what it was about.


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