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Does anybody have a source about how the C65 nameplate might have looked like? Most pictures you can see without a label at all. However, I have found the following pic, but it's a rendering:

I am not sure whether this rendering is old or new or where it comes from in general, but the nameplate on that picture looks pretty similar (well, identical actually) to the one from the breadbin C64.

Of course Commodore might have chosen a more modern one in the 90s, so it might be possible they would have chosen something like on the C64C.

Is there any existing C65 with a real nameplate? Or any other picture that shows it?

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I was of the understanding that the C65 was going to be released as the C64DX / DX64 , because C= had spare D64DX labels from the SX64/DX64 era that were never used. But I have no hard evidence to back that up. Some of the C= folks are still around and could probably be asked about this point. In any case, we don't have permission to use the C= trademarks, so we won't be putting any Commodore label on them. You are welcome to try to get the trademark owners to talk to us about licensing, however. We haven't had any real luck on this front so far.

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Of course I won't expect that you choose to use a C= trademark, I expect the nameplate to feature the MEGA=65 logo instead. On the other hand, it would have been quite interesting if there was some pictures of an original. Because when you're designing your own nameplate, it would be cool to have some authentic inspiration ;)

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Yes, we will naturally be using the MEGA65 logo, so you can probably expect something that looks like the logo at the top of

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...which...reminds me that I haven't figured out how to use our logo in the original mold. It clearly should be aligned with the drive. I made some designs which nobody liked for good reason, so either waiting for new ideas or graphics artists to help ^^

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I don't think the logo should be in the injection mold.
It would be better to place an adhesive sheet of aluminum with the logo (UV-printed) in the recessed rectangular area to the right of the upper row of keys - imo.

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@ Deft: maybe you can send me your designs by mail? :)

Also, @ Solei, I guess it won't be really in the mold, but just like a "sticker" like with all other Commodore models... at least that's what I'd expect

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Right, it needs to be a proper name plate like C= had it. Another thing I forgot to calculate yet :)


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