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Will the C65 have the original keyboard or will it have latest user comfort? Writing programs with the old c64 style keyboards is a real pain.

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have a read through Pauls Blogpost

I hope, this should answer all your questions ?

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I've seen that back then but it doesn't answer the user experience. Is typing more like 80's or more like 2000?

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I'm not sure if it's not a subjective thing. Actually I LOVE to type on C64 keyboard even nowadays! And meanwhile I use - of course - PC keyboards a lot, as well ... So it would be hard to give you an answer, it depends on your taste. But surely, I am curious to try M65's keyboard as well, if it's ready :)

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i was able, to visit M.E.G.A. 2 days ago and was able to hold and feel the new keyboard.
It is awesome ! Even most modern PC keyboards do not stand a chance against the Mega65
One question, that came to my mind was, "can i connect that keyboard to my PC too ???"

That's, how well this keyboard is designed.
It is great !


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