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Hi guys, just getting some build errors, probably just initial learning curve issues for me, but thought I'd try ping you here on them.

I tried pinging you on the IRC channel (EFNet #mega), but I had to go zzz, so perhaps I missed a response there (does IRC keep a backlog/history of past convos?).

Anyway, here was my Q copy/pasted from IRC:


[23:30] <gurce> I'm just getting my bearings with ISE Design Suite (Proj Navigator).
[23:32] <gurce> It sees two *.xise files: "c64accel.xise" and "mega65.xise". I'm guessing I need to open the latter?
[23:33] <gurce> when i do, it warns of missing "charrom.vhdl", "kickstart.vhdl" and "version.vhdl" files. I saw a git commit somewhere mentioning these were auto-generated?
[23:35] <gurce> So, I guess I need to do the build/synthesise step then. At a guess, I thought this was done via "Process >> Implement Top Module", but that gave me lots of vhdl errors inside "uart_monitor.vhdl". Anybody got any pointers on where I'm going wrong? :)


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the design at:
is for building on Linux (not windows).
Refer to the build documentation at
which describes how I build on Linux, which maybe useful for users with Cygwin/Windows.


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