Bitstream Updates

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FPGA Bitstream 20150716ddr.bit has been released today.

Most significant changes:
- Support for large sprites added
- Support for bitplane-style sprites added
- Collision detection sprite vs sprite fixed
- Collision detection sprite vs charset fixed
- Initial C65 bitplane support

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append delete #1. MIRKOSOFT

New bitstream 20150928 experience is not good.
When I renamed files to new order and placed new bitstream to SD card Nexys reported error that files are missing or broken, not possible to start.
So, I placed there old bitstream with old names of files and left there also files with new names - Nexys started old bitstream correctly.
Then I replaced old bitstream with the new and turned on Nexys - surprise was that old filenames (or together with new) reports no error like are missing or corrupt, only ROM checksum is invalid and M65 started, sadly C65 mode ends in MLM and exit is not possible (I don't understand this behavior 'cause there is used same ROM in both files - with old and new name). Working is correctly C64 mode.
If anyone helps to solve it or have other experience, let us know, if then also solution.


append delete #2. LoveMega65

What about the C65 mode?

append delete #3. MIRKOSOFT

Like I wrote - C65 power on message is displayed, Ready prompt is written and immediatelly jumps to MLM - when I use X command after Ready prompt it jumps back to MLM, so work in MLM like programming and executing ML programs works, but it's not possible to get work Editor and Basic requires Editor.


append delete #4. Deft

Please see / discuss in thread "Monted 00 Partitions" <- nice typo there by the way. Problem reported is NOT bitstream related but SD card. Always (quick) format the SD card when updating, rom dropping to monitor in c65 basic is known and also SD card related. Try other cluster sizes please!

If someone wants to take care of our SD compatibility problems, let us know. For now they are not top pio. Cheap 1GB and 2GB cards and standard windows format option will always do the trick. But yes, we need more people covering side-tasks and enhancing/finishing them!

append delete #5. gardners

For those interested in the reason for the "drop to monitor" bug, it is when the SD card file system and the Kickstart file system code don't agree on where particular sectors are. This can probably be fixed with a patch to kickstart, but as Deft has said, it currently on the top of our queue right now.


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