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I think that this is an awesome project. I've just made a donation. I'll definitely be buying a Mega 65 when it is released. (I'll probably end up buying two!).

I used to be part of the c64 demoscene and to have just one of these advanced retro/nostalgia machines would make my day.

I hope that there will be extensive documentation for the computer.

Thanks for the regular updates and keep up the good work.


Mark Spezzano

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Thank you for the kind words and the donation!

Documentation is beginning to form at

More volunteers to help write the documentation are welcome!


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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply.

Besides professional software development in a variety of languages, I also have I.T industry experience with being a technical writer for about 5+ years.

I'm free at present to help out in a voluntary capacity with any documentation, provided, of course, that I'm given some direction of what needs to be accomplished. I know quite a bit of Latex if that helps.

My C64 knowledge is rusty (I haven't programmed in BASIC or 6502 assembly for two decades), but I think that my experience might be helpful.

How can I get an idea of what's required? Do you have a "things to do" list for the documentation and person who's in charge of the documentation aspect of the project?



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We have a small group who are working on the documentation. The main thing is to hop over to the github repository, look for any open-issues, and then otherwise look at things that you think should be in there, and file an issue for something that you think should be done, and we can then get input on it.

Rusty experience is actually perfect, because you won't make too many assumptions about what people already know. One area that no one is really working on right now is simple example programs that exercise particular hardware features, e.g., "how do I display a 16 colour sprite". We'd love to have a collection of those in the appendices that cover the various custom chips.


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Hi Paul,

Would it be necessary/advantageous to have the same hardware setup as you? I can buy the Nexys FPGA, power supply and microSDHC if i need to. I've read/browsed the existing documentation and the part at the back about the Nexys4DDR setup instructions seems straightforward.

I understand that there is an emulator (I haven't tried it), but if I'm to write documentation, I think I should be testing the code on real hardware so that my information to the end user is actually correct. :)




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