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It says on C64wiki, that Mega65 will have "Sound: Dual soft-SIDs + dual 8-bit DACs". Does this mean that it will be possible to play digital audio in Mega65? How about using the DMA chip to play digital sounds without using all the CPU cycles?

It sure would be nice to have a mod player that could mix SID sounds and digital audio. :)

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I wrote a SID to MIDI conversion program which is far more advanced than the commonly known SID2MIDI program and it was quite difficult to get even the basics converted.

You can get it in my XSID repository at if you wanted to try it and see what its capable of.

I didn't even try to process the filter changes. I wouldn't even know how to automate the cutoff frequency and resonance controller changes, it would be nearly impossible to do. Its something that would have to be delicately managed by hand.

The pulse width changes are put in as custom controller values but they have no real effect, you have to look at them and change LFO and pitch envelopes to suit. Again, a totally manual process and one that has even less likely-hood of real success than trying to copy the filter changes.

I'd love to get a Gaia and try to do some better conversions but the problem with it is that you can't control the individual tone generators as easily as you can the SID voices. I looked into it and something like the MAudio Venom would potentially do a better job but again, it has its short-falls (and I'm a Roland fanatic).

No, the SID is quite astounding. I'm very much looking forward to having two and a more powerful machine to drive them.

I started writing a SID synth modelled after the Gaia (I called it the XVSID-01) that uses ReSID but using it on a PC is a bit dull. Hopefully it will be possible to connect a MIDI controller (for input) to the M65 and I'll write it on there, instead.

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The MEGA65 can indeed play digital audio. It doesn't yet have DMA for this, but will gain it in the near future.

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Ensonic i think had some of the folks from comedore. Any plans for some chip from them or blending 8 bit sound for 24 bit sound. Or just two stage blending for 16 bit sound? Will it had direct 16 bit sound from chip?

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The audio out is already stereo 16-bit + one SID on each side. This probably won't change much, as it should be sufficient already. At most we will add something like Lisa to automate feeding samples.

There is also a full audio cross-bar switch that allows the volume of the SIDs and the digital channels to be adjusted flexibly.


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