Any News?


Any News?

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Haven't seen any updates since May. What's going on?

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append delete #1. gardners

Life is busy, and lots of things going on in the background, as we try to get a bunch of architectural details definitively settled. On the upside, this might mean increased chipram from 128K to 256K or possibly even 384K. Also, there has been a lot of work on the PCB refinement and keyboard design.


append delete #2. LoveMega65

When you said increase in chipRAM is that the same CHIP RAM concept as the one in the Amiga? The CHIP RAM is responsible for the graphics, audio, meda i/o, etc?

if that is the case...I don't mind keeping it as 128 kB hehe or even 256 KB seems good enough for me!

append delete #3. gardners

Yes, much the same idea. On the MEGA65 all normal RAM is "chip RAM", only the colour RAM and the "ROM" (which is also really a RAM) were not "chip", and thus couldn't be used to hold graphics. (Sound is by the SID chips, which have never cared about what RAM you feed them from, since the CPU does that).

The change we are looking at is to merge the RAM and the "ROM" into a single larger memory. Since it was 128K + 128K, 256K is the obvious amount to end up with. However, the way that the RAM was accessed before, meant we had to have two copies. That requirement has been removed, which means we have 128K spare, that provided the FPGA timing tolerates it, means we can potentially have 128K + 128K + 128K = 384K RAM.


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