Another c64-ish motherboard in development.

Daniël Mantione

Well, coming back the original topic, for those situations, Gideon's Ultimate64 will simply be the right product: His 1541 simulation is near perfect and gives 100% compatibility, even with copy protected games.

With nibbler copiers like Maverick you can transfer games from a real floppy to a simulated floppy drive on Gideons 1541 Ultimate. I haven't yet encountered a single copy protected game that would not work after such a transfer.

It would cool if the Mega65 could be compatible with the 1541 Ultimate, but it is a cartridge that does a lot of low-level tricks, so it won't be easy to provide such compatibility.

P.S. For me floppies do exist, I use them very regularily in my C64 usage.


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