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RE[4]: 65816 instruction set


LGB: yes your comments were polite but:
1) regarding NES, my point was to remark that the 65816 was successful and the 4502 wasn't.
2) I can get your point of some people just wanting a fast C64 - not me.
1) yes I was talking about coding new apps - C65-specific.
2) The code I mention, the assembly snippets from codebase, would read the same. For instance, Bresenham listing would go unmodified, yet coordinates would go past 256.
1) Thanks for answering. I'm just expressing my fears. I hope I made my point as a hobbyist.

Summarizing, as a C128 guy, I can agree forgetting it and finding a proper C64 replacement is a good idea, and this was the idea behind C65 , it's just that the C65 guts weren't it. IMO they were a mix of obsoletes, like early-80s bitplanes graphics. But then again I maybe wrong.
Anyway, the case and the drive are nice, and I hope you are successful.

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