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65816 instruction set


I assumed 4510 was 65816 compatible, which instruction set I haven't studied either but I think it has 16 bit registers and memory access.
I was hoping how many algorithms from would benefit from keeping the same syntax while using 16 bit integers. From multiplication and Bresenham to binary trigonometry.
I expected C65 was a comfortable way to move c64 coding to a more advanced machine with the same flair.
Now if understand correctly is the C65 8-bit stuck yet has more memory and resolution ? If that is the case programming will be a pain in the ass.
I mean this machine seems tailored for people who used to like doing their own programming -
and for collectors - as it will never have commercial third party support.
Yes the accelerator capabilities make it a good replacement for Turbo Chameleon or VICE warp mode - but then who wants the advanced graphic capabilities.
I mean no one is developing software for these - people is just taking advantage of the acceleration for existing software but unusable slow -.
The NES- SuperNES evolution seems the way to go for me - you improve capabilities and improve programming -.
Forgive me if I'm making mistaken assumptions here.

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