4th Quarter

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I know the goal has been to make the computer available some time in the 3rd quarter of 2016.

Obviously there are challenges and unforeseen problems that arise that make a hard date difficult to pin down. I have in the past designed and produced some boards for other platforms though nothing as complex as you guys are doing. It is a challenging endeavor to be sure.

We are all excited to see the system.

Just looking for an update and perhaps even a pre-order page coming soon. I am more than eager to put my name on that list and even prepay.

Looking forward to placing that order and getting my 8-bit fix. :)

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append delete #1. Deft

Well, we were planning to have the computer ready within 3rd quarter of 2016 - and we are almost finished. In fact it was and still is planned to have the crowdfunding campaign in November 2016. There are some possible events that might delay the campaign a little, but we are still sticking to that date and trying to make it possible. For now, everything is good ;)

append delete #2. Ordyne

Excellent news, keep up the good work! :)

append delete #3. Meshuggah333

Will there some sort of detail description of the specs when the Kickstarter is launched?
Some things are still very vague, even with the documentation already available.

append delete #4. Kuba Tyszko

will paypal be available as payment method ?

append delete #5. Solei

This forum has fallen awfully silent lately - hoping for some interesting news asap ;)

append delete #6. Magoburicchio

But is there a referencè Price? 100 euro higher o Lower.. just to Have an idea how much Money i must Save

append delete #7. Fififionek

How will the crowdfunding campaign work? I plan to buy the machine and I would like to support the campaign, but I will have only a few $100 (2-3) to spare by the November, which I am afraid will not be enough for the machine.


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