2nd prototype connectors


Again: This prototype resembles the exact state where Commodore abandoned the C65. It was part of our plan to reach that state instead of doing changes to the machine before we reach that goal, so -in our world- we really enhance the C65 to become a MEGA65 and not just build a fantasy machine that abandons or ignores principles of the original computer.

So, yes, this case is a 100% replica of the original case and from now on there will be tiny and careful modifications to it mostly regarding the ports. It has been remodelled from the original (which we also own) by MEGA. And no, we will not mass- produce this version of the case.

Yes again, inside is a super exact replica of the original C65 board by Wayne of which we proudly own two (besides a fully polluted and working original C65 mainboard), of course missing some custom chips but other than that working perfectly.

The keyboard in this prototype is an original keyboard from Mitsumi. We have now cracked the keyboards nut and our own keyboards will be very similar. The case obviously will be aswell :)

Hope that clears it once and for all ;)



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