2nd prototype connectors


Absolutely right. He built 10 boards in total but could only populate 9 of them because some parts become obsolete. I bought two boards (#6 and #7) from him for exhibition purposes. With the creation of the MEGA65 this has delayed but will be realized in a much bigger scale as they now became part of another story. Well, to be correct, *prototype II* has already been displayed as a C65 without anybody noticing (not even the C65 owners hehe).

I believe Paul also received a board from Wayne. At a later point we would like to try to replace the missing custom chips by small FPGAs with adapters to make the boards usable.

So, *prototype II*: Case remade from scratch (as close as possible to the original) by MEGA, Wayne's replica mainboard inside, keyboard from Commodore (Mitsumi) early 1990s.

Next and hopefully final *prototype III*: Case with new ports by MEGA,prototype mainboard by MEGA, protoype keyboard made by MEGA. Expect this around _October_.


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