2nd prototype connectors


Hi Wayne,

welcome and thanks for the introduction. While -as you know- I own two of your boards, it still would be nice to work on chip replacements, maybe using small FGPAs, to get your boards fully populated. However, I think you understand that building the MEGA65 is top priority to us, as it will not only look exactly like a C65, it will also be fully compatible and able to do a lot more. Maybe we will even settle with the holders of the Commodore brand, who knows :)

All the others: Go and buy that last board from Wayne while you can, there will never ever again be such an opportunity. For us the boards were already extremely helful, since they are 100% exact replicas. Guess you now understand what's inside the MEGA65 prototype II shell? We wanted to be 100% authentic and afterwards slowly and carefully enhance stuff. Instead of doing all from scratch and losing authenticity.

Once MEGA65 is finished there will be several exhibitions at our partner locations where we will show original C65s, Waynes boards, our first prototypes and of course the final machine.


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