2nd prototype connectors


I'm Wayne. I apologize for being out of the scene for the past year or so. I had a very bad head injury that I was recovering from. Since then I've moved back to Minnesota (from Arizona) to be closer to family and friends while I put my life back together again. I think I'm back up to speed enough to get reacquainted with the C65 scene again. I still love this machine.

I'm just a C65 enthusiast. I built the clone boards based on my revision 2A C65. My C65 is missing the VIC-III chip so I wanted a spare board or two that I could perform some experiments on while building my own VIC-III replacement without messing up my original. PCA Electronics used to manufacture the 15ns delay but it was obsoleted 20 years ago (similar story with the power filter). I talked them into making a few of them just for me but they were quite expensive. I thought it would be a fun easy project at first, but it took me the better part of a year to track down some of the components. Those KEL memory connectors are very hard to come by these days. And the 50 pin cartridge connector is next to impossible to find. All in all, I was able to completely populate 9 boards. I kept two for myself and sold most of the others. I still have one left for sale.


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